Driver’s Friend® works collectively with HydroQsorb® CoQ10, B Complex Vitamin energy releasers and caffeine to provide a revolutionary proprietary formula that offers energy, alertness and focus within 15-30 minutes and lasts in upwards of 4-6 hours all in delicious mocha flavored chewable wafers. Driver’s Friend is also a powerful antioxidant and cellular energizer. Easy to store, grab and go packets. No water needed!

  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • Delicious Mocha Flavor
  • Easy Grab and Go packets
Energy & Alertness support

Energy & Alertness support

  • 25mg HydroQsorb® CoQ10
  • Vitamin B complex energy releasers
  • 100mg Caffeine per serving
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Energy within 15-30 minutes lasting in upwards of 4-6 hours. Provides energy, alertness and focus when energy, alertness and focus when activity and without subsequent bathroom breaks! Powerful antioxidant and cellular energizer.

Grab and Go Convenient Packets

Delicious Mocha Flavored Chewable Wafers

  • Delicious mocha flavor
  • Only 4 grams of sugar per serving
  • No water needed
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A delicious mocha flavor to satisfy a coffee craving with only 4 grams of sugar with the additional benefits of CoQ10 and B complex vitamins.

  • No sugar or caffeine highs and lows.
  • No water needed.
  • No spills, leaks or burns from hot or cold beverages!
Mocha Flavoured chew wafers

Grab and Go Convenience

  • Individual packets
  • Fits in pocket or glove box
  • Perfect serving every time
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Convenient individual serving packets for easy storage in a pocket or glove box.

  • The perfect serving every time.
  • No need to ever be without!